Why a parade?

Uppsala Pride — Welcome OUT organises a parade through the city on the last day of the festival.

The parade gives the people of Uppsala, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression, a chance to demonstrate that the people of Uppsala value diversity and welcome transgender, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer and intersex people to full, open, and equal participation in society, and reminds us of the collective power of individuals to stand up for what’s right.

Walking in the parade is free and does not require registering. Just come to the starting location, or join along the way!

Everyone in the parade will be walking – bicycles etc. must be led, but it’s okay to bring prams and wheelchairs.

Who can join?

Anyone is welcome to join and march as a private person. If you want to represent an organisation we have some rules to make sure the focus is the support of LGBTQ+ people and not just the organisation:

  • It is not permitted to march with visible group affiliations such as flags, banners, uniforms or matching t-shirts.
    • This includes:
    • Anything advertising a political party, association or company, matching uniforms, national or religious flags or banners.
    • The following exceptions are permitted:
    • Flags, signs and t-shirts supporting gender identity or sexuality and sexual orientation; official WeclomeOUT banner and t-shirts; “Marching for those who can’t” T-shirts and signs.

While the support of organisations is very important to the LGBTQ community, the parade is meant to demonstrate the power of the individual and the support of the inhabitants of Uppsala. If your organisation wants to join, we warmly welcome your members as private individuals!

Route map

Sunday – 16th September

starting field:
Vasaparken, meet-up 12:00
ending field:
Stadsträdgården, around 14:30